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Julian Denby

I have been fortunate enough to have hunted large areas of wilderness throughout New Zealand, both North and South Island. I have been a Columnist for both Rod and Rifle and NZ Hunter magazine over the last four years, and part of the Stoney Creek Test Fire team. I have also been involved with two upcoming hunting shows airing in New Zealand early 2015- NZ Hunter Adventures and The Hunters Club.

Whether you are looking for short hunting trip for half a day or an expedition into New Zealands wilderness all can be arranged. Species available include chamois, thar, red , fallow, sika, rusa and sambar deer. There are no fences where I hunt and all deer are wild, yet good trophies can still be obtained to the skillful or lucky hunter.

Beginners or species specific tutorial hunts for the aspiring hunter or for the hunter wanting to upskill. Options are available throughout the year for most species and can be arranged on short notice. This option is a great option for fellow kiwi hunters that are lacking time in the bush and experience to become productive hunters. These tutorial hunts will be based around reading and distiguishing game sign, tracking deer and animal behaivor.

Another popular choice is small game hunting for hares, rabbits, wallabies and possums. Both day and night trips available at short notice. Not only is this type of hunting good fun but also serves as pest management on the blocks we hunt.

The Rod and Rifle wilderness adventure, rifle over the shoulder and a fly rod in hand combined with a basic campsite under the stars on a quality backcountry river is a perfect way to experience the real New Zealand.
Real wilderness hunting
The opportunity is for real hunting on wilderness lands, with high chances of shooting representative quality animals with the chance of the good quality trophy if things go well.

There are also areas down South Island that Thar numbers are relatively high, this gives the hunters the opportunity to do some animal management and shoot a fair few in areas of concern.

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