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Welcome to Rotorua Trout Guide

Welcome to Rotorua Trout Guide Limited. Based in the Rotorua District we offer guided fly fishing trips to our fantastic streams and lake systems we have in abundance throughout the region. The world famous and highly regarded fishery of Rotorua is a necessary part of any serious trout fisherman’s travel itinerary to New Zealand yet so often overlooked.

My name is Julian Danby, owner and operator of Rotorua Trout Guide Limited – member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA). From a very young age I have successfully fished our local streams and lakes of the Rotorua region. I am now in a position to share some of my favourite fly fishing locations with options to suit the many needs and requirements of my clients. The region of Rotorua is lucky enough to have trout fishing opportunities available all year round. Remote crystal clear streams during the peak of the cicada season to the depths of winter casting a fly at trophy sized trout.

Fishing options range from half day trips to quench the fishing bug to a multi-day wilderness adventures for the serious fishing addict. Heli-Fishing is one of the best ways to experience the world class fisheries in the region. Some of the water in this back country will not see a fisherman all season, something now very unique in New Zealand where most back country fisheries see high numbers of people.

We are now offering saltwater fly fishing for Kingfish on the tidal flats of the region’s harbours. This fishery has gained a lot of momentum in the last few years and I look forward to showcase some of the best saltwater fly fishing found on the globe.

Please have a look through my website and I look forward to guiding you on your next fly fishing adventure.


Guide New Zealand Julian


Located on the Central Plateau of the North Island, Rotorua is surrounded by plentiful waterways. Central to my guiding operation is Lake Rotorua and its five major tributaries, famous for both summer and winter fishing. Summer fishing comes alive at the local stream mouths with hundreds of trout seeking the sanctuary of the cool and oxygen rich stream water. It is not uncommon when conditions permit to spot hundreds of trout in vicinity of these cool water plums.

The warmer months are a fantastic time of year to head back country into the wilderness whether by 4wd or helicopter access. Heli-fishing is the ultimate New Zealand fly fishing experience, opening up options to fish some true wilderness rivers and streams we have in our region. The fish are always on the lookout for their next meal on the surfa


ce. The cicada and terrestrial season is worthy of its reputation on these remote fisheries that feed freely and aggressively off the surface.

Wet weather during the autumn and winter months drives world class spawning runs of both brown and rainbow trout. Winter fishing for spawning trout is a highlight of the local fisherman’s season. Rivers, streams and lakes full of prime conditioned spawning trout with a healthy combination of numbers and size of trout. When conditions align it can be something special. Trophy trout are targeted in the waterways of the Rotorua region with fish over the magical 10lb – 4.5kg not uncommon. From late April to the end of June there is a great chance to catch both rainbow and brown trout trophies in the same day.

Trout Guide Profile

As a youngster I was fortunate enough to live on a property bordering a local stream. This is where my passion for the art of fly fishing originated. Most of my fishing was self taught from a young age, although the limited time I spent with old and experienced fishermen was always well cherished and a huge help in my development as a fisherman. My fishing playground expanded through my teenage years with my own transport as I fed my desire to explore new water through the Bay of Plenty and surrounding regions.

Attending Lincoln University in the Canterbury region I spent a fair amount of time in the wilderness. This time in the South Island advanced the finer details of fly fishing after a lot of frustration to begin with. Wilderness was not only on the river but on the mountain ranges of the South Island chasing thar, chamois and red deer. If I was not in the classroom I was either fishing or hunting.

After a period of time overseas plying my trade as a cricketer and another stint in the South Island I returned to my hometown of Rotorua. Following employment in my university field of Forestry Management in a few positions it was time to turn my passion into my livelihood.

As a fishing guide my drive is to go above and beyond to ensure my clients time is spent on the river exceeds expectations, and cumulates into lifelong memories of the success, breathtaking locations and your time you have spent with me. There’s nothing better than seeing a smile from ear to ear on a client’s face.

Safety is paramount to any guiding operation. As an experienced outdoorsman, I know the dangers involved in the outdoors environment. It’s is of utmost importance that my clients health is compromised on any of my guided adventures. I am First Aid certified and as a precaution a comprehensive first aid kit, cellphone and PLB is taken on each and every trip.

My passion for the outdoors progressed into writing about my adventures for New Zealand hunting magazines over the last few years. Formally I was a regular contributor for the Rod & Rifle Magazine now write for the NZ Hunter Magazine team; New Zealand’s most read outdoor publication. I am also a member of Stoney Creek Test Fire Team, a select group of individuals that test and help assist with product development of their apparel and outdoor equipment. I am also been involved with the NZ Hunter Adventures and Pure Fly NZ television series over the last few seasons.

Guiding is my passion and Rotorua  is the perfect location to base my operation. I look forward to showcasing  what the region has to offer in the near future.




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Hunting or fishing in New Zealand.

We have partnerships with guides, helicopter/ air carriers (to fly in to certain hunting grounds), taxadermists and shipping companies to send home the trophies.The people are friendly, open and generous and the experience of nature is immense.
Contact us for more information or if you just have any questions about huntington or fishing in New Zealand.

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